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February 12, 2019
Susan Fox is a talented communicator with the written word: a business writer whose ear for the voice of her client is subtle and rarely erring. She has crafted editorial articles on myriads of topics and brought products and services to the notice of the community for advertising purposes. She worked in local publications for most of her life. Working on behalf of clients living in the same towns as the publications where she was employed drove home the importance of always delivering as promised. This goal is binding on both her clients and their claims and herself as the communication service assistance provider.
Susan is from southwestern Ohio and worked as an award-winning newspaper reporter for the Brown Publishing Company in newspaper editorial and advertising capacities for nearly 27 years. She was retired in 2007 during the company-wide downsizing preceding Brown Publishing’s demise in 2010. She is still fascinated by what makes people want what they want, and how to go about making dreams come true. Communication is such a vital part of the human experience that she views her craft as potentially helpful in making the world a better place.
“When people can understand each other, they have a chance of become invested in one another and working together to reach common goals,” Susan said.
Most of her career was as an editorial staff writer for the daily newspapers in Tipp City, Troy, Piqua and Sidney, and the weekly publication in Minster, OH. “However,” she said, “one wears a lot of hats at the ind of newspapers where I worked. I’ve been an ad rep, selling and building print ads; I’ve edited copy and built pages.”
Upon retiring from the newspaper business, she spent two years as the executive director of the Gateway Arts Council in Sidney, OH where she was responsible for creating the first art gallery in Ohio that was a collaborative effort between a Not for Profit and the Dept. of Parks and Recreation in Ohio. She also successfully applied for grants and led a group of more than 130 volunteers through events and donation drives. “The Arts give us greater scope,” she said. “They remind us that making a dollar is only one of the reasons to get out of bed each day.”
She left the workforce in 2009 and relocated to Sandusky in 2011, after the death of her parents. Living between Sandusky and Fort Myers, FL, was a novel experience for a while, but Susan has chosen to rejoin the vitality and excitement of participating in the beating heart of the town where she lives. She offers a catalog of services to assist in creating compelling written communications to anyone looking for a partner in finding the words to say what needs said.
“I can write with you,” Susan says. “It’s your story, your product or service, your voice, and you will appreciate the results.”
Contact Susan at or 419.604.8959 to discuss how you can work together.

Susan’s bag of tricks includes:
Effective business writing: content marketing, blogging, product and services sales copy, brochures, reports, white papers, newsletters, email and formal correspondence. Digital and hard copy materials, and more.
Personal writing: CVs, resumes, reports, marketing materials, business letters, etc.
Research report writing: thorough research results in written reports
Ghost writing: Let’s chat!
Susan Fox, Freelance Business Writer
(419) 604-8959