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Peerless Ovens Featured in PMQ Pizza Magazine

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September 24, 2019
Peerless Ovens had the opportunity to be featured on the front page of PMQ Pizza Magazine earlier this year! Peerless, who is celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2019, is known as the “Home of the Maximizer”. The “Maximizer” movement began in the mid 1990’s because their ovens save time, money and most importantly space. Peerless Ovens cost less to buy, operate and maintain than other brand on the market, and they last. In fact, units that were produced back in the 1920’s and 30’s are still in service today around the country.

Peerless Ovens are built to the highest standards using only the best materials available on the market today. Prime cold rolled steel exteriors and Armco Type 1 aluminized steel interiors. Frames and bases are heavy gauge hot rolled steel. Doors are stainless inside and out and made of prime 18-gauge 430 stainless steel. All Peerless Ovens have stainless steel fronts that are also made of 18-gauge 430 stainless steel.

You can view the Peerless Ovens' latest published catalog on their website HERE.

You can view the PMQ Pizza Magazine edition featuring Peerless Ovens HERE

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